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What's new in the Firmware v3.9.7

Since we launched Firmware v3.9 in November 2021, we have went though a number of updates with bug fixes. We have managed to throw in some new features as well!

The firmware is available on our Downloads page.

New Trigger Message message type

Require more than 16 messages for a Preset? You can now easily utilise the unused messages in other Presets in the bank. More info here.

New Bank Enter Page 1 and Page 2 Events

You can now choose to execute specific messages in your Bank Presets when you jump to a specific Page in the Bank. For example, when you do a Bank Jump to Bank 1 Page 1, you can send a different set of messages as compared to when jumping to Bank 1 Page 2.

Support for Up Down Left and Right arrows

Using placeholders \u \d \l \r will display the up down left and right arrow respectively.

New MIDI Machine Control message type

We have added support for MMC messages

You can view the full release notes here.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering team


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