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MC6 PRO Release

The time is here! After a year-long delay due to chip supply issues, we're glad to announce that the MC6 PRO is ready for sale.

Our experience with manufacturing MIDI Controllers over the past 8 years has culminated in this. Customer feedback has always played a huge part in shaping the direction of our MIDI controllers and features we implement. The MC6 PRO gives us a bigger canvas to explore new concepts and features, and we are looking forward to seeing what you will do with it.

Visual feedback was one of the core considerations when designing the MC6 PRO. With the coloured LCD screens, you can color code each preset (text, background and all!) so you know the exact state each Preset is in. 128 Banks with 24 Presets in each bank will give you all the control that you need. Not only that - there are 8 Profiles of 128 Banks that you can switch between.

We made sure that the MC6 PRO has all you need. Whether you need more switches for secondary controls or TRS MIDI Outputs to connect more MIDI devices, the 4 Omniports have got you covered. The USB Host port gives you control over USB MIDI devices. You can even attach a computer keyboard to directly execute presets or to quickly scroll through banks and pages. The two 3.5mm TRS Relay ports offer you relay switching control over device that employs relay switching.

Apart from the regular DIN5 MIDI Input and Output port, we've added and additional pair of 3.5mm TRS MIDI In and Out ports to connect with your MIDI Bluetooth transmitters.

We are thankful for all the support and feedback we’ve received over the years and are excited to welcome you to the new MC6 PRO.

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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