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Upgraded Editor 1.2 - What's New?

In tandem with our latest 3.9 firmware release, we have also updated the Morningstar device editor. This update contains many significant changes that will improve your editing workflow and experience. Overall, this results in you being able to create faster, better and more effortlessly. Here are a few of the upgrades you will find in Editor 1.2.

We made the video above to show you the new editor, but if reading is more your thing, read on.

1. Direct Access to MIDI Dictionary and User Library when Editing Presets

When you program a Control Change message, you can now access the MIDI Dictionary without having to go to the MIDI Dictionary tab to search for your desired CC message. The MIDI Dictionary is now directly accessible on the Edit Preset page once you select the Control Change message type. Just click on ‘Open MIDI Dictionary’, select which brand, pedal and parameter you want to control and click ‘Apply’. Your desired CC message will be automatically populated.

This is much faster than having to click on the MIDI Dictionary tab, search for your desired device and parameter, copy your desired message, go back to the edit preset tab and paste message. Just like with the MIDI Dictionary, you can also access the User Library directly from the Preset Edit page and have immediate access to all your custom PC and CC messages. 2. Activity Monitor

The MIDI Monitor has been a great feature that allows you to see what MIDI messages are being sent from your MIDI controller. This is great for making sure that your controller is performing the way you want, and also useful for troubleshooting when unsure if the problem you are facing is due to your controller or receiving device.

To take this a step further we have now added an Activity Monitor that shows you not only what MIDI messages being sent from your Morningstar controller, but also every other interaction and function being executed by your controller. This includes all device functions such as Bank Jumps, Engaging/Disengaging Looper Mode, Sending MIDI Clock, Toggling Pages, Changing Toggle States, Entering Axe FX Integration and everything else.

This is so you know if you have correctly programmed a switch to not only send your desired MIDI messages, but also execute your desired device functions. 3. New Bank and Preset Management System

This brand new system gives you much more flexibility and clarity when managing your banks and presets. After you have backed up your controller to your computer, click on Load File to select which backup file you want to access. After you have selected your desired backup file, you will be able to see all the banks within that backup file and drag and drop which banks you want to upload to your controller.

You can also load multiple backup files at once to pick and choose which banks you want to upload to your controller for multiple different backups. After you have dragged the banks you want upload across, you can double click on each bank to view and re-arrange presets within that bank before uploading to your controller. 4. Global Message Parameter Update

This feature allows you to update parameters of a particular MIDI message across your entire controller without you having to update each message one at a time.

Say for example you have a Control Change message that sets the reverb mix to 75% on a Strymon BigSky, and you have this message used throughout various presets on your controller. But over time, you realise that 75% is too wet for your liking and you want to bring the mix level down to 50% for all your presets. It would be really tedious if you had to go into every preset on your MIDI controller to change the CC value for this particular MIDI message. With this new global update feature, you can easily update all the messages in your controller at once.

First, locate the MIDI message you want to update and make your desired changes, but do not click save preset. Instead, click on the arrow located on the top right of the message and select ‘Global Message Parameter Update’. This will update all messages throughout the controller that have the same CC number, CC value and MIDI channel.

If you want to update only messages that have matching action types, check the ‘Match and update Action’ box. This will also update Action types if Action type has been changed. If left unchecked, all messages with the same parameters will be updated regardless of Action type.

The same goes for the ‘Match and update Toggle Position’ box. If checked, only messages that have the same toggle position in addition to the other matching message parameters will be updated. And you can also update their toggle positions if you wish.

This new feature works for all Message Types. For example, in the case of a Program Change message, as long as the PC number and MIDI channel matches, a message will be updated. And in the case of a Bank Jump message, as long as the destination bank matches, a message will be updated. As long as all the parameters of a message matches, it will be updated. 5. Improved User Library Interface

The User Library allows you to name and store your own PC and CC messages for quick access any time you need them. We’ve improved the interface of the User Library to make it more enjoyable and practical to use now. You can add descriptions so you know exactly what each message does and also tag them to find them easily.

6. Editor can now be Installed as a Chrome Web App available for offline use

Just click on the Download icon on the top right corner of your Chrome browser to download the editor for offline use. 7. Enhanced SysEx Tools

Our editor now includes an MSB and LSB calculator to help you calculate what values you need to input for devices that offer finer levels of MIDI control using MSB and LSB.

We’ve also added a SysEx Preset Creator that will automatically create a SysEx preset for you based on the SysEx string you want to send. 8. Preset Templates

Lastly, we’ve added preset templates to help those newer to MIDI get started more easily. You can pick and choose what kind of presets you want to have from these templates that each contain descriptions of what the preset will do. So if you’re not sure how to set a preset up the way you want, just choose from one of these and your preset will be auto-populated for you.

These are some of the changes you will experience in Editor 1.2 and we hope they bring you more joy and efficiency when programming your Morningstar controllers. Enjoy!


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