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Using Toggle Mode on your Morningstar MIDI Controller

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Hey guys! What’s going on. Today we are going to show you how to use a super powerful feature on your Morningstar MIDI controller. That feature is Toggle Mode.

Toggle Mode allows each switch on your Morningstar MIDI controller to send different MIDI messages with each alternate press. This allows you to control your pedals and other devices in really useful and creative ways. What Toggle Mode essentially allows you to do is alternate between sending 2 different sets of MIDI messages each time you press a switch.

In the video tutorial below, we show you a few examples of when you would need to use Toggle Mode. We also show you how set up and use Toggle Mode on your controller.

If you assign MIDI messages to position 1, they will be sent the first time you press a switch. If you assign messages to position 2, they will only be sent every second time you press a switch. As you keep pressing the switch, you alternate between sending these 2 different sets of messages.

Watch the video tutorial above to learn more about this useful feature that allows you to get creative with your MIDI control. We hope you guys are doing great, and we'll catch you again in the next post!

Now more than ever, keep making awesome music!


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