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Send Sequential MIDI Messages with each Press: Message Scroll

The Message Scroll feature allows you to send any MIDI messages you want in sequence each time you press a switch on your Morningstar controller.

You can cycle through up to 16 different messages with just one switch. These messages can be any messages of your choice. This a really useful feature to have because you can scroll through messages without being confined to fixed increments or intervals.

For example, you can scroll through any PC or CC numbers of your choice. The switch’s name also gets updated each time you press it, so you can easily tell which message you are at from the message number shown on the display.

And when you get to the last message in the sequence, hitting the switch will cycle back to the first message again.

And to reverse the direction in which you are scrolling, simply use a Utility message triggered by a Double Tap or Long Press action.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration and tutorial on how to use the Message Scroll feature!


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