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New Firmware v3.7.1 Released

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We're excited to announce the release of the v3.7.1 firmware for the Morningstar MC6 MKII and MC8 devices. More information can be found in the respective device's Release page.

Although updating the firmware will not affect your data, please consider doing a backup of your controller first.

You can access the past editor that is compatible with Firmware v3.6 here.

We have also updated the device USB IDs in this firmware to our own manufacturer ID. Hence, you need to use the updated Firmware Uploader software v0.9.1. The v0.8.x Firmware Uploader software will not be able to detect the device after the device is updated to the v3.7 firmware.


New Features

1. Bank Presets

We have taught our MIDI Controllers some new tricks! You can now configure the controllers to send up to 16 MIDI messages upon Entering or Exiting a bank with Bank Presets. It is now possible to execute functions like sending a PC or CC message when changing banks.

2. New Long Press Scroll Action

You can now hold down a switch to continuously engage a Preset.

3. Preset Message Scroll mode

The Preset Message Scroll mode allows you to scroll through each of your 16 Messages that is paired with a Release action. That means that if you have a PC#0 on Message 1, PC#1 on Message 2 and PC#2 on Message 3, using this mode will allow you to send PC#0 on the first Release, PC#1 on the second Release and PC#2 on the third Release. The forth Release will cycle back to PC#0.

We have documented the feature further here.

4. CC Waveform Generator

We have also added a waveform generator which allows you to generate CC messages with a selected waveform (Linear, Sine, Sawtooth) and a specified duration (Once or Perpetual). The duration from trough to peak can be defined in Milliseconds. Using the Linear Up waveform with your Filter device, for example, will enable you to use your MIDI controller like a Wah pedal.

We're excited to see what you can do with this!

5. Engage Preset Message Type

This update sees the addition of the Engage Preset message type, which allows you to trigger a different Preset in a different Bank. This opens up a lot of possibilities in designing your workflow, or potentially send more than the 16 MIDI Message limit per Preset.

6. MIDI Song Position Message Type

The MIDI Song Position message is also added in this update.

7. Set Internal BPM for MIDI Clock with CC messages

The MIDI Clock BPM can now be set with external CC messages being sent to the MC6 MKII or MC8.

8. Engage Expression Presets with CC Messages

Expression Presets in the devices can now be engaged with external CC messages.

9. Wireless Connectivity with the CME WIDI Master to the Editor

If you have purchased the excellent WIDI Master from CME, you'll be pleased to know that it is possible to connect to the Editor wirelessly.

10. SysEx Cross MIDI Thru

We have also enhanced the MIDI Thru capabilities from USB MIDI to DIN and vice versa (or what we call Cross MIDI Thru) to allow the usage of the MC6 MKII and MC8 as an interface for programs like the Strymon Nixie.


Changes and Improvements

1. Added option for Bank Jump message type to jump to a different bank + page

2. New option for the PC Scroll placeholder in the Preset Name

a. %E displays the number from 0-127

b. %F displays the number from 1-128


Improvements the MIDI Editor

We have also made many improvements to the MIDI Editor. You can now copy a setting from the MIDI Dictionary and paste it directly to your Preset. If your MIDI Channel name is similar to the device you are copying from in the MIDI Dictionary, the MIDI Channel will be auto-configured to that channel.

Selecting Presets directly in the Editor is now available as well.

We hope these updates helps you to create better workflows for creating music.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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