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Firmware v3.6.1 Update

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We hope everyone is well and safe during these unprecedented times. We are happy to announce the release of Firmware v3.6.1 for the MC6 MKII and MC8. This update is focused around improving the editing experience, and brings with it many powerful features.

Firsts things first..

This update changes the way the device communicates with the editor. The features are now live in our Web Editor ( and you will need to update your firmware to v3.6 in order to connect to the Web Editor.

You can always download the v1.0.8 Desktop Editor or access the previous web editor if you do not want to update your firmware.

Feature 1 MIDI Channel Naming

MIDI Channels 1 - 16 can now be assigned a name which will be visible when editing on the controller or the editor. This will greatly help when programming your controller for a large pedal-board, where it is sometimes hard to keep track on which MIDI Channel each device is set to.

This data will be included in the Controller Backup file.

Feature 2 Controller Settings on the Editor

The controller settings can now be edited on the Web and Desktop Editor, instead of having to do it on the device itself.

Feature 3 Live View

Live View allows you to connect your MC6 MKII or MC8 to your computer and view the presets in a Web Browser. This gives you a better view on the state of your controller without having to look down on the device's LCD screen.

Live View can be accessed here:

Feature 4 Swap Banks

Swapping bank data is now possible. Simply copy a bank on the controller or the editor, change to a different bank and then select Swap Bank.

Feature 5 Swap Presets

Similar to the Swap Bank feature, it is now possible to also swap preset data. Simply copy a preset, select a new preset, and then select Swap.

Feature 6

Long Press Trigger Time

The amount of time it takes to trigger a Long Press Action can now be editing in the Controller Settings.

Feature 7

Save Preset Toggle Position

You can now choose whether to save your Preset Toggle position when you change bank, or have it reset to the default.


I hope this firmware update serves you well and provides you with the inspiration and creativity to create great music.


Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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