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Preset Bank: MC6 Tips and Tricks

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

This tutorial shows how to set up a bank that has only 1 active preset blinking at any one time. This allows you to have a good indication on which preset is currently active in your rig. When you step on another preset, the previous active preset will stop blinking and the current active preset will start blinking. Stepping on the same preset when it is engaged will disengage it.

2020-10-09 Update: In the latest v3.7 firmware, a feature in the Bank settings called "Clear All Preset Toggles" can be used to replace the need for using Set Toggle messages. This feature will reset the toggle of all your Presets except the last engaged Preset.


Firstly, to do this, you will need the following messages:

1. PC message(s) - for changing the presets on your device(s)

2. Set Toggle message - To clear the toggle positions of other presets

3. Other misc messages. In this tutorial, I'll be using setting up this function for use with a Strymon Timeline, so I'll need 2 CC messages to control the ENGAGE and BYPASS function as well. If I step on an engaged preset again, the bypass CC message will be sent.

NOTE: When the MC6 is in editor mode, a number of features are disabled to help with editing. When testing your device, please remember to toggle out of editor mode first.


I'll be using Bank 3 for this tutorial. I have named by Preset Short Name as "PresetA", and Toggle Name as "Engaged". Notice that I have the toggle and blink turned ON for this preset as well. Msg1 just sends a PC#0 message to Channel 1, which is what my Strymon Timeline MIDI channel is set to.

Msg2 is where the magic happens. It clears the toggle positions of all the other presets. Each time you engage the preset, the selected preset's toggle positions will be reset to 1, and hence any blinking preset other than the currently active one will stop blinking (if blinking is set to ON).

Msg3 and 4 are just to engage and bypass my Timeline. Msg3 sends a CC#102 with value 127 message to ENGAGE the Timeline, while Msg4 sends a CC#102 with value 0 message to BYPASS. Notice that the Toggle Pos for Msg4 is set to Pos 2, so that if I step on the preset that is currently active, the BYPASS message will be sent out.


That's it! I hope you find it easy to set that up. The MC6 is extremely versatile and you can easily add it in more functions in each preset to better suit you.

If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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Ken Okaya
Ken Okaya
Dec 06, 2019

I don't understand the point of Msg 1 in the example above...can you clarify? Thanks!


Hey Jason, I just followed this tutorial for one bank (6 presets) and can confirm it works, but I had the same issue as you described at first. It happens because you're probably testing it in Editor Mode. Once you set it up exactly like explained, disconnect your device (and give it a reboot), it should work.


Hello, Thanks for the tutorial. When I select from preset A to B, the previously selected preset continues to blink and the toggle set function isn't returning the previously active switch to display as "OFF". What could I be missing? Thanks!

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