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Mobile MIDI Editor App

Today, we are very proud and excited to introduce you to our brand new Morningstar MIDI Editor iOS app that is now available for download in the Apple App Store. A mobile app is something many of you have asked for and we listened!

The Morningstar MIDI Editor app makes it possible for you to program your Morningstar controller without the need for a computer. Your iPhone or iPad is all that you need for mobile editing.

Android users, we haven’t forgotten you. At this moment we don’t have an app for Android, but you can easily use the Chrome browser on your mobile device to access the mobile-optimized version of the MIDI Editor for on-the-go editing too.


To download the application, just search for ‘Morningstar MIDI Editor’ in the Apple App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, connect your Morningstar controller to your mobile device.


You can connect your MIDI controller to the app with a USB cable or wirelessly.

Cabled Connection

Let’s start with how to connect with a cable. To connect to your Morningstar controller with a USB cable, you will need an Apple lightning to USB camera adaptor. With this adaptor, you can use a standard USB cable to connect your controller to your iOS device.

Aside from being able to use the Morningstar app, this adaptor also allows you to control you iOS software with your Morningstar controllers. So it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

NOTE: If you are connecting with a cable, use the NO KEYBOARD version of the firmware. Otherwise the on-screen keyboard on your iOS device will not appear when connected with a cable. You can use either firmware version if you are connecting wirelessly.

Once you’ve connected, launch the Morningstar app and select the device you want to connect. That's it!

Wireless Connection

If you’d like to connect wirelessly to your controller, you may also do so by connecting a Bluetooth MIDI dongle to your Morningstar controller. We use the WIDI Jack by CME and can safely recommend it.

CME also has the WIDI Uhost, which will allow you to connect wirelessly to the USB port of your Morningstar controller and keep your MIDI ports connected to your other devices. The WIDI Uhost is undergoing some bug fixes at this moment and should work well soon. We've been in touch with CME and will provide an update once it's ready.

You’ll need to download another app called 'midimittr' to use bluetooth MIDI on your iOS device. Once you’ve connected your bluetooth dongle to your controller, open the midimittr app and connect to your bluetooth dongle. Android users, you’ll need to download an app called 'Bluetooth MIDI Connect' instead. You can then launch the Morningstar app and connect to your controller.

Once you've connected via Bluetooth, you can launch the Morningstar app and connect to your controller.


Watch the video above for more information and a walkthrough of the app. We hope the new Morningstar MIDI Editor app brings you greater convenience and flexibility, allowing you to take your creativity further, anytime anywhere. Enjoy!


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