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MIDI Editor v1.0.13 update

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We're excited to announce the release of the MIDI Editor v1.0.13.

In this update, a number of new features are introduced.

1. Sorting of MIDI messages in the Editor

Messages can now be sorted in the Editor by dragging and dropping it into the desired position.

2. Implementation of the User Library feature

The User Library allows you to save your custom PC and CC messages in the editor, and give them a description for future reference. This messages can be quickly filtered with the Search function and then copied into your Preset messages.

The data is persisted after each session but do backup your settings to your computer from time to time using the "Save to File" function.

3. Implementation of Search feature in the MIDI Dictionary

No more scrolling through the list to find the CC number that you need. Quickly filter through the MIDI implementations with the new Search feature.

4. Message Descriptions

If you are confused over what your Preset message is doing, you can hover over the Msg button for a brief description.

Pro-tip: When your message is set to a PC, CC or Note message, clicking on the Msg button will send that specific message to your controller, which will then pass it through the MIDI Port if Cross MIDI Thru is enabled. This is useful if you need to send a specific message to your devices to test.

These changes are now live in the Web MIDI Editor and the Desktop MIDI Editor.

We hope that these new features will further improve your Morningstar product experience.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering team


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