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Introducing the ML10X - Stereo Reorderable Loop Switcher

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Say hello to the ML10X, the world’s most compact reorderable audio loop switcher.

The Ultimate Effects Routing Experience

The ML10X boasts 5 stereo TRS loops that can each be split into 2 mono loops. This gives you a total of 10 loops, all independently controllable and reorderable. The ML10X is a stereo loop switcher, complete with stereo inputs and outputs. With the ability to be used in mono or stereo, it is the perfect solution whether you run a mono or stereo setup.

User Interface

The ML10X user interface has been meticulously designed for simple and intuitive control. You have full control of the device via its onboard menu system that let’s you reorder loops, name presets and have unfettered access all global/preset settings.

The LCD screen provides important visual feedback, displaying information such as preset names, loop orders and individual loop statuses.

ML10X Editor