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Firmware v3.9 is HERE

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Firmware v3.9.1 for the MC3, MC6MKII and MC8 has just been released. As always, we brought many new features and improvements to this update.

And as with every update, be sure to back-up your controller first. If you have issues while updating the firmware, be sure to check out this guide on how to resolve the issue.

The full release notes can be found here.

New and Improved Message Types

Many new message types have been added to this update

  • PC and CC Scroll now has the option to wrap-around or stay at the fixed min/max values

  • Fractal AxeFX3 and FM3 Integration

  • Maximum SysEx length per preset increased from 47 to 63

  • Looper Mode allows you to select specific switches to apply it to

  • Random Waveform added to the Waveform Generator, along with an option to invert the waveform shape

  • New Utility message type to do stuff like managing scroll counter values, increasing/decreasing MIDI Clock BPM, clearing preset toggle states globally as well as disabling selected MIDI Outputs for selected messages.

Expression Presets also have

  • Waveform and Sequencer Timer to allow you to control the speed with your expression pedal

  • A custom Expression CC message type to control the CC response shape

  • New Pitch Bend, PC Heel Down and PC Toe Down message types were also added.

Improved Preset Features

Preset features have also been greatly improved. Some new features are:

  • Presets can now be assigned to global toggle groups, so that the preset toggle states can be synced across multiple presets in different banks

  • MC3 and MC6MKII users can now have the MIDI Clock BPM displayed on their Preset Name with the "%BP" placeholder

  • New Shift feature added to allow more dimensions to one Preset (besides Toggle On/Off)

Controller Functions

New Controller features have also been added.

  • The MIDI Message Converter allows you to convert incoming PC, CC and Note messages to different messages, values and channels.

  • Option to load last used bank on power up

  • Data dump function now allows you to load data across different devices

Editor Improvements

Besides updates to the firmware, we have also been working on major improvements to the Editor as well.

Chrome Web App

The Editor can now be installed as a Chrome Web App, which will allow you to access it offline. The app automatically checks for updates and will update itself when a new update is released.

Controller Settings Backup

Controller settings can now be backed up into a file and loaded back into the Editor.

Activity Monitor

The Activity Monitor allows you to view all the messages being executed when a preset is engaged to give a better view when troubleshooting. You can even click into each activity to see the message details.

SysEx Creation Utility

It's no longer a hassle to create Presets sending SysEx messages in the Editor!

The Editor now allows you to paste a SysEx string and apply it to a Preset, and your Preset Messages will be updated to send out that SysEx message.

New Backup Data Manager

The Backup Data Manager (under the Controller Backup Tab) allows you to manage your backup data before loading it into the Controller. You can select specific banks to upload, rearrange them, and even re-arrange presets within each bank before uploading the data.

New Preset Template Utility

New to Morningstar? We have compiled a list of commonly used presets templates to get you started. Common use cases like sending incremental PC messages or toggling between two messages can be found here.

New Utility functions

Have to calculate the MSB and LSB to control a specific function in a MIDI Device? You can now do that easily within the Editor with the MSB LSB calculator. Simply input a 14-bit number to get the MSB and LSB value.

We hope these improvements will help you get even more utility out of your MIDI Controller, and make awesome music.

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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