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Beat Buddy Control

This post was shared by @MartyReasoner on forum.

I wanted to write a post explaining how I have programmed the MC6 to control the Beat Buddy. I have linked to a video demonstrating some of the key functions. I bet others have come up with some more elegant solutions, so I would love to hear what others are doing with the Beat Buddy. To start off, I have a "Home" bank set at bank 1 on the MC6. I use this to jump directly to other banks. I start by jumping to bank 4 on the MC6 where I have programmed my Beat Buddy functions. I then have a "KIT” option on preset A that jumps to bank 5 using the bank select midi type. From here, I send messages to the Beat buddy using the CC message midi type to select the kit of my choosing. I use CC 116, to pick the kit I want. In bank 5 I have also programmed switch F to toggle the page using the toggle page midi type. I then have more kits programmed with different values at CC 116. I also use a conditional type midi message to toggle backwards to bank 4 where I have the other Beat Buddy functions programmed. If I hold the switch, I will go back to my "Home" bank at bank 1. Once back at bank 4, I have a preset labeled "song" which I have programmed to send a bank select midi type. This takes me to the first of 5 song selection banks that I programmed on the MC6. This is where things get a bit tricky. In the Beat Buddy Manager software your songs are arranged into folders. The way I have set up my MC6 requires me to use one bank on the MC6 for each song folder. I have arranged my Beat Buddy songs into 5 folders on the Beat Buddy Manager software. In order to cycle through the folders, I had to program folder down and folder up functions to presets E and B (FLD DN, FLD UP). I send 3 consecutive messages to the MC6. If you want a further explanation why this is necessary, refer to the Beat Buddy midi manual at the Folder/Song Select page. The first 2 messages select your Beat Buddy folder. The values of CC 0 and CC 32 govern what folder you are in. The Beat Buddy allows you to have 16,384 different folders. Basically, your value at CC 0 can be anywhere from 0-127 and your value at CC 32 can be anywhere from 0-127. This adds up to 16,384 possible combinations. Long story short, to select any Beat Buddy song folder from 1-128, simply keep the value at CC 0 at 0. The value at CC 32 will correspond to the folder you are in. Remember that the value you program into the MC6 will be one number less than the folder you want (Folder 1 = Value 0 etc.). So in order to select a Beat Buddy folder, send Midi CC 0 with a value 0 and Midi CC 32 with a value corresponding with the folder of your choosing. I programmed the MC6 to send these messages one after the other. For the 3rd message, I send a PC message to select the song of my choosing (Song 1 = Value 0 etc.). There is a chart explaining this in the Beat Buddy midi manual. I then send a 4th message that changes the Bank on the MC6. If anyone is wondering why I needed a separate bank on the MC6 for each Beat Buddy folder, it is because there is no CC scroll function on the MC6. For this reason, I could not scroll up and down values on CC 32 (which governs which folder you are in). Basically, Each of my folder down buttons (FLD DN) can only select a specific folder on the Beat Buddy, they cannot scroll. So to jump to controlling the songs on the next folder in the Beat Buddy, I change banks on the MC6 where I have similar functions programmed. The folder down and folder up presets (FLD DN, FLD UP) send slightly different messages depending on what bank I am on in the MC6. I cycle through 5 different banks on the MC6 to control the 5 song folders on the Beat Buddy. In order to Change the song within a bank, you can send PC messages corresponding to the song of your choosing in the Beat Buddy song folder. I use the PC scroll midi type to scroll up and down songs. You can also use regular PC messages. When I get back to bank 4, I have programmed presets to select either part 1 or part 2 of the Beat Buddy song. I use the CC toggle hold midi type at CC 113 so that when I press the switch, it starts the transition and when I release the switch, it sends a message to finalize the transition. To transition to part 1 of the song, value 1 is set at 1 and value 2 is set at 0. To transition to part 2 of the song, value 1 is set at 2 and value 2 is set at 0. I then have preset F configured to toggle the page. I have programed accent, pause, outro and fill with the cc message midi type (110, 111, 115, 112 respectively). I have also programmed the MC6 to transition to part 3 at preset J (TRNS 3). If there are only 2 song parts, it will toggle between the 2 parts regardless of what part you are at. This time value 1 is set at 3 and value 2 is set at 0. Finally, my expression pedal is programmed to adjust the volume of the drums. I use CC message 108 with a minimum value of 0 and a maximum value of 100. In summary, the MC6 is great for controlling the Beat Buddy. One feature on my wish list would be to have the ability to scroll through values on CC messages similar to the PC scroll midi type. This would free up 4 banks on my MC6 and allow me to utilize many more song folders! Thanks for reading!


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