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Preset Manager Released!

We've been hard at work with adding new features for the next v2.3 firmware release. In this release, we have added a long requested feature - the ability to back-up your MC6 - and then more! We're happy to announce the release of our Preset Manager software!

The software is design to help you edit and manage the data in your MC6 with ease.

On the left panel, you can select files to upload into your MC6, be it single presets/expression, a single bank, or a full backup. You can also choose to download data from your MC6 and store it in your computer. Be sure to label your files properly so you know what data is in there, and do not edit the file. Editing the file will result in it being read as corrupted.

On the right panel, the two buttons at the top allows you to easily bank up and down while your controller is connected to the computer. The section at the bottom allows you to access the MC6 Copy/Paste functionalities and easily shift banks and presets around your device.

We hope this piece of software will allow you to greatly expand the possibilities of your controller. As always, keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team


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