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MC6 MKI and MKII differences

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

So one of the frequent question we get is about the differences between the MC6 MKI and MKII. One of the key differences is the increase in processor speed and memory, which allowed us to increase the number of features and support an action-based programming logic. Despite these upgrades, we have decided to keep the price constant at USD229.



MKI: Die-cast aluminium, powder-coated black.

MKII: Anodized aluminium sheet metal

The MKII enclosure is 3mm shorter than the MKII. The length and width remains the same.


MKI: 20x2 character

MKII 24x2 character

The 24x2 character LCD screen on the MKII allows us to use up to 8 characters for each preset name, compared to 6 characters on the MKI.

Screen protector

MKI: None

MKII: Plastic screen protector

Processor & Memory

MKII has a much larger memory and processing speed compared to the MKI.


Programming logic

MKI: Send messages based on single switch presses

MKII: Send messages based on programmable actions

You can match messages to specific actions on the MKII. For example, you can have a press action engage Msg1, a double tap press action engage Msg2, and a long press action engage Msg3.

For the MKI, each message is tied to a single press. You can use conditional messages to get more functionality.

Number of Messages per Preset

MKI: 8 Messages

MKII: 16 Messages

The total number of presets remains the same at 12 presets per bank, and 30 banks.

Short Name Length

MKI: 6 Characters for short name only.

MKII: 8 Characters for short name and toggle name

Long Name and Bank Name Length

MKI: 20 Characters

MKII: 24 Characters

Web and Desktop Editor

The MKII uses a different editor with a slightly different interface. However, both editors does the same thing - it allows you to edit parameters on your device.


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