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Select Expression Message: MC6 Tips & Tricks

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

One question we have been getting a lot is:

Can I change my expression CC message within the same bank with a switch?

The short answer

Yes, you can

The long answer

The Expression Presets are based on per-bank only. Now what do I mean by that? Each time you change banks, you can load a new Expression Preset with a different setting. For example, if you have a CC#0 message programmed into Bank 1: Exp Input 1, and a CC#1 message programmed into Bank 2: Exp Input 1, each time to switch between banks and use your expression pedal, you can send out 2 different values based on what bank you are in.

However, it is also possible to send different expression CC messages within the same bank, by using the "Select Expression Input" message on the MKII.

In the editor, you can see that there are up to 16 messages (8 x 2 pages) that you can send out with a Expression Preset. That means that I can send up to 16 different CC messages with 1 expression pedal. In my Expression Preset, I have programmed Msg 1 to 3 to send out a CC#0 to CC#2 message respectively.

Next, I'll program Preset A on my MC6 MKII. I set my first message to be a PRESS action with the SELECT EXP MESSAGE setting.

In the message settings, I have to option to choose:

1. Which Expression Input should the message apply to. For my instance, it should be Expression 1 as my earlier Expression Preset was programmed on that.

2. Which messages from the Expression Preset to be active. Let's say I want to send out a sweep of CC#0 and CC#1 message with my expression pedal. I just check the Msg1 and Msg2 checkboxes and save my setting. Remember, my Expression Preset has 3 messages sending a sweep of CC#0 - CC#2 messages.

I'll apply this same setting to Preset B, except that I only want a CC#2 message to be sent out with my Expression Preset, and so I'll just tick the Msg3 checkbox (because my Expression Preset Msg3 is programmed with a CC#2 message).

Now, I want to check my programmed settings, so I head over to www.midimonitor.com to monitor the outgoing messages from my MC6.

Important: Remember to toggle out of editor mode before testing your settings, as many features are disabled while in toggle mode in order to help with programming.

Now, as I sweep my expression pedal, these are the messages I've got in the MIDI monitor.

Looks legit. I've got all my messages (CC#0, CC#1 and CC#2) coming out as expected.

Now, if I press my Switch A, I'll expect only CC#0 and CC#1 message to appear, as I am setting those 2 messages as active only with my "Select Exp Message" setting.

And it works. Now only CC#0 and CC#1 messages are getting sent.

If I press my Switch B now, I'll expect only CC#2 message to appear.

Works as expected.

Please note that the "Active Message" settings will remain even if you change banks.

I hope you found that useful. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions regarding using this feature.

Keep making awesome music!

The Morningstar Engineering Team



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