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  • James

MC6 MKII Production Update

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I just wanted to share some quick updates on how the MC6 MKII production is coming along. We are waiting on some parts that are due to arrive this week. Once received and tested, we will begin pre-orders for the MC6 MKII. The pre-order will help us to better gauge demand and allocate resources. The MC6 MKII will be scheduled to ship around Mid April.


Here are some progress that happened between our last update and this.

MC6 MKII Firmware

The firmware is now complete and tested. We're really excited about it and will be creating some videos on its new features and functionalities.

Core features

- 30 Banks of 12 Presets and 2 Expression Presets

- Each preset is capable of sending up to 16 messages

- Wider 24x2 Character LCD

- Faster processor

- Event-based programming

New Web Editor for the MC6 MKII

As earlier announced, the firmware for the MC6 MKII is re-designed from ground up, and hence it cannot work with the current editor. We designed an entirely new editor to work with the MC6 MKII, and we're excited to show it to you. There are more utility functions to help you to interact better with your device.