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MIDI CC Waveforms

With the latest firmware 3.8, we are very proud to present to you our MIDI Waveform Engines that will undoubtedly change what you think is possible with MIDI control. This new feature will open up a whole new realm of control possibilities for you and your tone.

A MIDI waveform is essentially a continuous flowing stream of CC messages that oscillates between minimum and maximum CC values set by you. Think of it as an automated expression pedal. Or if you hired someone to to continuously rock your expression pedal back and forth with your desired sweep and speed.

A MIDI waveform allows you to modulate different effect parameters, creating tonal effects such as vibrato, tremolo, sweeps and phasing. Similar to what an LFO does on a synthesizer. As long as a parameter can be controlled by CC messages, it can be automated using Morningstar MIDI Waveforms.

The CC number you choose will determine the effect parameter that is being modulated. You can also define what the minimum and maximum CC values for each waveform will be, and select the type of wave shape you want. Choose from Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth Up, Sawtooth Down and Square wave shapes. Each of these will produce different tonal characteristics, so choose the one that best suits the sound you are going for.

You can also sync the waveforms to your controller's MIDI clock or have them run independently at your desired speeds. In total, you get 4 MIDI waveform engines in your Morningstar MIDI controller. You can have them all running at once, or just selected ones.

Watch the video above for a visual explanation plus some real world applications with the Strymon BigSky (sidechain reverb) and Line 6 HX Stomp (whammy pitch shift). Enjoy!


Team Morningstar


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