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Looper Mode for Zero Latency MIDI Control

Using MIDI to control looper functions is a great way to add convenience and versatility to your live looping setup. It allows you to have dedicated switches for Record, Start, Stop, Overdub and any other loop function you need.

This eliminates the need for you to deal with less precise actions such as double tapping and long pressing, that can throw you off timing in the middle of a set.

With all that said, looping is a very time sensitive activity, and latency cannot be tolerated. This is why we have Looper Mode on our MIDI controllers, to make sure that no latency gets between you and your perfect looping performance.

The Looper Mode feature is available on all Morningstar MIDI controllers. When in this mode, your controller will immediately send out its MIDI messages when a switch is pressed, with zero latency, which is crucial for creating perfectly timed loops.

When this mode is engaged, you will not be able to perform any dual-switch press functions on your MIDI controller, such as banking up or down. This is because the controller will not wait to see if a second switch is going to be depressed. It will send its MIDI messages the moment it detects a switch press.

Looper Mode is available as one of the MIDI message types on your Morningstar controller. So all you need to do is program a switch on your controller to engage Looper Mode. To learn how to use Looper Mode on your Morningstar MIDI controller, check out the video above. It's really easy and you'll get it in no time!


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