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Get the most out of our Your HX Stomp

We take you through 6 ways you can use the Line 6 HX Stomp and Morningstar MC6 combo in creative and powerful ways:

  1. 2-way communication between the MC6 and HX Stomp. This changes banks on the MC6 when you change presets on the HX Stomp itself.

  2. Recall an HX Stomp preset upon entering a particular bank on the MC6.

  3. Use the MC6 switches to emulate FS4 and FS5 (FS stands for foot switch) on the HX Stomp. FS4 and FS5 can be used to control very useful functions on the HX Stomp that do not have assignable MIDI CC numbers.

  4. Recall HX Stomp snapshots with the MC6.

  5. Use the MC6 to very quickly select foot switch modes on the HX Stomp, allowing you to instantly get into any mode you want.

  6. And lastly, engage the HX Stomp Tuner in a super convenient and non-obstructive way.

Watch the video above to learn how to do all this. It will surely benefit you and your workflow. Also, do subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest content and updates. Enjoy!


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