The MIDI advantage

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Universal MIDI



Every Morningstar controller is compatible with any device that accepts MIDI, regardless of brand or model. This is made possible with the ability to send any type of MIDI message you need. As long as your device accepts MIDI, it will work perfectly together with our controllers.

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Send up to 16 different MIDI messages across 16 MIDI channels with each switch. This allows you to control up to 16 different devices with a single switch. Switches are also able to trigger each other so you can engage any preset you want from any switch across the 30 banks.

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Every switch your Morningstar controller is independently programmable. Choose to send various types of MIDI messages including PC, CC, Note, SysEx, MIDI Clock and many more.


To navigate the controller itself, you can also select function messages to bank up/down, jump to specific banks, engage multiple switches and much more. For the full list of MIDI and function message types click here.




Send different groups of messages depending on what action you perform. Assignable actions include Press, Release, Double Tap, Long Press and more.

For the full list and descriptions of all Action types, click here

MIDI Clock



Keep your effects synced and locked in time with global MIDI Clock. You have the option to tap in a tempo on-the-fly or send pre-set BPM. Watch MIDI Clock in action here.

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Each of the 30 banks has 2 pages. By default, the first set of switch names are displayed on the screen. When you toggle page, the second set of switch names will be displayed. This effectively doubles the number of preset slots you have in each bank.

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All Morningstar controllers​ can send MIDI via their 5-pin, TRS and USB ports. This gives you direct connectivity to any MIDI device, without the need for a break-out MIDI box or splitter. Aux/Expression inputs allow you to connect external switches and expression pedals to expand as you need.




Turn your expression pedal into a multi-function expression pedal with MIDI. This allows you to use a single expression pedal to control different parameters, all selectable on the fly. Expression pedal message types include Expression CC, Toe Down, Heel Down and Select Expression Message.


Watch the expression pedal in action with MIDI here.

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Create song and set lists, and easily navigate through them using the Bank Jump feature. This allows you to use any switch to jump to any bank on your controller. On top of that, the preset/bank Copy, Paste and Swap functions make managing songs and set lists a breeze. Learn how to create song and set lists here.




4 independent MIDI Waveform Engines ​allow you to send continuous streams of CC messages. Choose from Saw, Triangle, Sine and Square wave shapes. Set your own minimum & maximum values, sync them to MIDI clock or have them independent. Automated modulation for your pedalboard is now a reality.


Watch our MIDI Waveforms in action here.



While you can program your switches on the controllers themselves, they also come with a free and intuitive Device Editor to make your editing even ​faster and easier.

The desktop editor lets you view all your switch and message settings on one screen, allowing you to quickly make changes and name your switches/banks. You can also backup individual banks or the entire controller to your computer, so you never lose your presets and settings. Even share them with your friends if you like!

See the Device Editor in action here.

MIDI Dictionary


Nobody likes reading manuals. That is why we created the MIDI Dictionary, containing all parameters, functions and MIDI specifications of the most popular MIDI devices. And we embedded it into our Device Editor for maximum convenience.


Simply select your device brand and model, then use the search bar to find the function you want to control. Then just use the dedicated copy and paste buttons to add your desired MIDI message to your switch. It's that easy!