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The ML10X is a fully analog, stereo reorderable loop switcher designed to fit perfectly with any setup up you have. Whether your rig is mono or stereo, a pedalboard or rack, the ML10X will take its capabilities to planes previously impossible.

5 Stereo Loops or up to 10 Mono Loops

(Y-Cables needed to split loops sold separately here or you may purchase Best-Tronics TRS connectors).

The 5 stereo TRS loops on the ML10X can each be split into 2 mono loops, giving you a total of up to 10 independently controllable and reorderable loops.

To split a loop, simply connect a Stereo to Mono Splitter cable (sold separately) to the desired send and return ports. The split loops can function as 2 independent mono loops or the Left and Right channels of a stereo pedal. Cables needed to split loops are sold separately here.

Stereo In and Out

The audio input and output of the ML10X are also stereo TRS. Use a Stereo to Mono Splitter cable to unlock their stereo capabilities.

4 Banks with 128 Presets Each

Save as many sonic combinations you need with a total of 512 presets at your disposal.

Intuitive Onboard Controls

With an LCD display and navigation buttons, the onboard interface is easy to use and clearly shows important information to the user. Accessing global settings, editing presets and reordering loops are all possible on the device itself.

Software Editor

The ML10X Editor lets you access global settings edit your presets and reorder your loops with greater speed and clarity. A drag-and drop user interface makes it easy to select the loops you want and arrange them in the order you desire.

Simple and Advanced Presets

Simple presets make it easy for you to make loop connections in series. Just drag and drop your desired effects onto your signal chain to add them to a preset and rearrange them in the order you want. Advanced presets give you the freedom to split and merge your signal chain as you please. Complex routings in series and parallel are made possible with Advanced presets.

Spillover Trails

Seamlessly change presets and bypass loops without an abrupt cut in sound. This is especially useful for loops containing delay or reverb effects that trail on. Spillover trails can be applied to one or multiple loops, definable per preset.

Seamless Integration with Morningstar MIDI Controllers

If you own a Morningstar MIDI controller, you won't need to deal with MIDI at all when using the ML10X. Simply select the 'Morningstar ML10X' message type and you will be able to engage/bypass selected loops, scroll through presets and recall any preset of your choice,


The MIDI In port allows the ML10X to receive MIDI and its MIDI Thru port allows you to daisy chain it with other MIDI-capable devices.

USB Connectivity

USB-C connection to your computer is used for performing firmware updates, backups and for use with the ML10X Editor.

Compatible with Any MIDI Controller

The ML10X has standard and comprehensive MIDI implementation. This makes it compatible with any MIDI controller that can send PC and CC messages. See the ML10X MIDI Implementation Chart.

More information available in the ML10X User Manual


Enclosure Dimensions: 169 x 58 x 58 mm
Weight: 0.45kg
Power Requirements: 9-18V DC Center Negative (min 160mA)
Hardware: Sand blasted aluminium enclosure
6 x tactile switch
Black LCD display
I/Os: 1 x 5-pin MIDI In
1 x 5-pin MIDI Thru
USB Type C
1 x Stereo TRS Input
5 x Stereo TRS Send
5 x Stereo TRS Return
1 x Stereo TRS Output

Memory: 4 banks of 128 presets each

Max I/O level:

  • 4V peak to peak (with 9v power supply)
  • 10V peak to peak (with 18v power supply)

Input/Return Impedance: 1M ohm

Output/Send Impedance: Approx 100 ohm

In the Box

1 x ML10X
1 x 1m USB-A to USB-C Cable


All Morningstar products ship with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. More details can be found in our Warranty Policy.
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