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Designed from the ground up, the Morningstar MIDI Box offers you something special – many more outputs in a much smaller package. Through a single 5-pin MIDI input, you can split your MIDI signal into 8 independent 3.5mm TRS MIDI outputs.

8 Active MIDI Outputs

Maintain the integrity of your MIDI signal after splitting.

Switchable Ports

Ports 1 to 6 are independently tip/ring switchable, making this MIDI Box compatible with all TRS MIDI devices.

Full-sized 5-pin MIDI In and Thru

A 5-pin MIDI in port allow you to connect any MIDI device or controller to the MIDI Box. And a 5-pin MIDI thru port allows your MIDI chain to continue by passing on MIDI received from the MIDI in port.

Indicator LED Lights

2 separate LEDs to show when MIDI is being received (light blinks) and when the MIDI Box is powered (light on). LED light color will be either red or blue. Blue shown for illustrative purposes.

Super Compact

One of the smallest MIDI boxes available and will fit right in anywhere.


Enclosure Dimensions: 117mm x 40mm x 40.5mm
Powered by: 9v DC Center Negative (min 20mA)
Hardware: Anodized aluminium enclosure
2 x Indicator LED lights
Connections I/O: 1 x 5-pin MIDI in
1 x 5-pin MIDI thru
8 x Active 3.5mm TRS MIDI outputs


All Morningstar products ship with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. More details can be found on our warranty page.

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