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Move Beyond what a MIDI Controller Can Do

With a massive display upgrade, an entirely new processor and a never-before-seen array of connections, MC6 Pro is by far the most powerful and user-centered MIDI controller yet.

128 Four-paged Banks of 6 Switches

That’s 3,072 programmable preset slots. You'll never run out of space again.
Creativity knows no bounds. Neither should your controller.

Simultaneous MIDI Control

Send up to 32 different MIDI messages with a single switch.
Control up to 16 different MIDI devices via 16 unique selectable MIDI channels and the option to route messages only through specific MIDI outputs.

Name your Switches and Banks

All switches and banks can be named so you always know exactly what they do.

Three Color LCD Displays

Experience enhanced visual feedback with a triple screen display.
Get real-time visual feedback on important information such as current bank, active preset, expression pedal position and tempo BPM. All designed to help you perform better.

Color Strips

Color code your presets and switches to group or differentiate them.
Color strips can also dim or brighten to show you the state of each preset. So you always know which preset is active, and which effects are engaged or bypassed.

Shapes and Symbols

Shapes and symbols can now be added to preset names, allowing for even quicker, more intuitive identification

4 Omniports

Four 1/4 inch ports that can be individually set to function as MIDI outputs, Aux switch inputs or Expression pedal inputs.

2 TRS Relay Control Ports

Dual TRS relay ports enable amp switching, manipulation of non-MIDI tempo and control over any device that employs relay switching

USB-C Ports: Device and Host

Two USB-C ports each serve different purposes. The Device port connects to your computer to control your DAWs, music software and for use with the MC6 Pro Editor, which has been further enhanced for the best experience yet.

The Host port is a built-in MIDI USB host. With this, MC6 Pro can directly control other USB devices such as the Source Audio C4 Synth and Line 6 Pod Go. No need for a separate MIDI USB host that is both costly and cumbersome.

Dedicated 3.5mm MIDI In and Out

An extra pair MIDI in and out is always welcome. This let's you connect and power a wireless MIDI adaptor such as the CME Pro WIDI Jack, while still preserving other MIDI ports available for simultaneous wired MIDI control. Or you can just use it as an extra pair of ins and outs.

Wireless MIDI Ready

Connect a wireless MIDI adaptor to any of MC6 Pro’s MIDI ports (5-pin, 3.5mm or USB-C), and easily experience the freedom of wireless connectivity. Control your computer and mobile devices wirelessly, or any other wireless MIDI devices.

User-Definable MIDI and Function Message Types

Every switch is independently programmable. Choose to send various types of MIDI messages including PC, CC, Note, SysEx, MIDI Clock and many more.

To navigate the Morningstar controller itself, you can also select device messages to bank up/down, jump to specific banks, engage multiple switches and much more. For the full list of MIDI and function message types click here.

Send MIDI Clock

Sync all your time-based effects via tap tempo or pre-set tempo with the built-in MIDI Clock function on MC6 Pro. This eliminates the need for a separate MIDI clock device.

Action Based Control

Send different messages with the same switch depending on what action you perform on it - Press, Release, Double Tap, Long Press and more. For the full list of action types click here.

USB Class Compliant MIDI

Control any of your favourite DAWs and music software. Compatible with Windows, Android, OSX and iOS. Sends MIDI to your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. Receive PC, CC, Note and MIDI Clock messages, and relay them through the 5-pin and TRS MIDI outputs.

Desktop Editor

Downloadable or Chrome browser-accessible editor allows you to program and name your switches and banks quickly and easily.


Enclosure Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 50 mm
Powered by (any of the following): 9-12V DC Center Negative (min 250mA, 350mA if using Relay Ports)
USB Bus Power (330mA current draw)
9-12 AC/DC Phantom Power via MIDI output pins 6 & 7
Hardware: Angled aluminium enclosure
6 x Soft touch switches
3 x Color LCD display
Connectors (I/O): 1x 5-pin MIDI Out
1x 5-pin MIDI In
1x USB-C (Device)
1x USB-C (Host)
4x Omniport
2x Relay Switching Port
1x 3.5mm TRS MIDI Out
1x 3.5mm TRS MIDI In

In the Box

1 x MC6 PRO MIDI Controller
1 x 1m USB-A to USB-C Cable

All Morningstar products ship with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. More details can be found in our warranty policy.
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