The Morningstar Preset Manager allows you to download/upload data from your MC6 Midi Controller, as well as to access the Bank Up/Down and Copy/Paste functions on the MC6.


The Preset Manager has been tested on Windows 8.1/10, and OSX El Capitan. For Mac users, the Preset Manager will only work with OS 10.9 and above.


Since firmware v2.5.0, you need to switch to Midi Editor mode for the MC6 to communicate with the Preset Manager.


Easily backup your MC6 to your computer, and store your presets as a Sysex file. You can backup the entire controller (Full Sysex dump), or backup only individual Banks, Presets or Expression Pedals. 

The Preset Manager also allows you to name and ​write your own descriptions for each file.

When you have written your description, click on [Download Data] to start the download. The footer indicates how much data is being downloaded (see image below). Your MC6 will also display the backup progress.

When the backup is complete, a dialog box will appear and you decide where you want to store your backup in.

The Preset Manager will indicate any download error that occurs. If an error occurs, please try again.

Please ensure that you do not make any edits to your Sysex file, as doing so may cause it to get corrupted and prevent you from uploading the same file into your device.


Click [Open File] and select a valid Sysex file that you have downloaded for the MC6. If you have entered any description for your file, you may view it by clicking [View Info]. 

Once you are ready to upload the file, click [Upload].

If you are uploading a Preset file, the data will be loaded to the last-used preset. Bank files will be loaded into the current bank your device is on.


The Preset Manager also allows you to control certain functions on your device, such as Bank Up/Down and the Copy and Paste functions.


If you encounter any errors while using the software, please drop us an email at, along with your OS info (Windows or OSX version) and log file. You can download the log file by clicking on the [Log] icon on the lower right of the software.